Debunked supercentenarian claims

The table below lists known supercentenarian claims, which we have judged to be false on the basis of genealogical evidence. Some of these may have been validated by other organisations specialising in age validation of supercentenarians, however we have identified subsequent documentation to show that they were in fact not the age that was claimed (or validated as). In reality, many people who claimed to be supercentenarians were very old. In the past, not everyone was fully aware of their date of birth, especially if it occured before civil registration. Consequently some people did get their date of birth inadvertently incorrect, and this is a reason why age validation is a necessary process. For people whose age is considered high-level debunked, their age and lifespan should also be considered validated according to their actual date of birth, although they were not supercentenarians.

Forename Surname Sex Actual date of birth Claimed date of birth Date of death Years Days Modern day place of birth Residence Validation Status
Ann Pouder F 3 May 1808 7 May 1807 10 Jul 1917 109 68 Stoke Newington, London, England, UK Baltimore, Maryland, USA High level debunked