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The table below lists supercentenarians whose ages have been validated (or currently under review if you selected that option). We are continuing to process supercentenarian validation cases at this stage. Places of birth are listed according to their modern day country. However this does not always reflect the nationality or ethnicity of a supercentenarian. In addition, France has overseas regions and departments that are integral parts of the country. This includes French Guiana in South America, Guadeloupe and Martinique in the Caribbean, and Mayotte and Réunion off the coast of Africa. As these do not geographically lie within Europe, supercentenarians from there are not included in this table.

Forename Surname Sex Date of birth Date of death Age
Modern day place of birth Place of death or residence Validation
Margarete Tröstl F 26 Feb 1911 Living 113 108 41381 Gmünd, Lower Austria, Austria (then Austria-Hungary) Schrems, Lower Austria, Austria High level validated
Hermine Justina Nistler F 24 Dec 1900 13 Feb 2012 111 51 40593 Vienna, Austria (then Austria-Hungary) Vienna, Austria High level validated
Anna Maria Medwenitsch F 17 Mar 1907 1 Apr 2018 111 15 40558 Hof am Leithaberge, Lower Austria, Austria (then Austria-Hungary) Marienheim, Lower Austria, Austria High level validated
Cäcilia Buchinger F 27 Sep 1901 6 Aug 2012 110 314 40491 Lohnsburg, Upper Austria, Austria Salzburg, Austria High level validated
Leopold Franz Vietoris M 4 Jun 1891 9 Apr 2002 110 309 40486 Bad Radkersburg, Styria, Austria (then Stadt Radkersburg, Austria-Hungary) Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria High level validated
Aloisia Karlhuber F 19 May 1907 21 Jul 2017 110 63 40241 Haidershofen, Lower Austria, Austria (then Austria-Hungary) Amstetten, Lower Austria, Austria High level validated
Romana Maria Swoboda F 24 Nov 1902 29 Nov 2012 110 5 40183 Vienna, Austria (then Austria-Hungary) Mariahilf, Vienna, Austria High level validated